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Renewable Energy


Every sector of the national economy requires inputs of energy, as it is the basic requirement for economic development. Since independence there has been increasing amounts of energy requirement due to the implementation of economic development plans. Consequentially, the consumption of energy in all forms has been steadily rising all over the country. Thus, there is urgent need for the country to develop a sustainable path of energy development by promoting energy conservation awareness and increase the use of renewable energy sources. Join us in creating awareness and building future with sustainable energy solution.


  • Discover new markets, business leads & prospective partnerships.
  • Industrial & Municipal buyers will find qualified suppliers.
  • Showcase innovative products, solutions and contemporary technologies
  • Boost brand image & extent visibility to new heights.
  • Explore new business avenues.
  • A bridge between domestic & international markets.
  • Finalise business deals
  • A perfect meeting place for the prospective exhibitors and end-users
  • Ideal forum for exhibitors to interact with end-users, decision-makers, consultants & industry experts from across the globe


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