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RECON is the India’s leading conference for business developments in Renewable Energy industry. From engaging newcomers in the Renewable Energy industry, to providing in-depth information to the companies’ world-over, RECON is a destination that provides the latest and trending happenings in the Renewable Energy market under one roof. Organised by the Renewable Energy division of Water Today, RECON is conducted in the major smart cities of India.

Energy and water are vital links for sustainable future. An integrated development of the energy and water industry is of supreme importance and not in isolation from each other. Evidently RECON has established the enormous potential of renewable energy, however to accelerate the transition to a healthier, more secure and green future, we need to build a smarter, more flexible system that maximises the use of variable sources of renewable energy and that accommodates both centralised and decentralised as well as community-based generation.



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